We foresee a Bangladesh where all people will conserve and practice social values.


Our Approach

All of our projects carried out by us have one thing in common; that is, we try to come up with a bunch of sustainable solutions to all the ongoing and prolonged problems of our society. We work in a well-ordered and methodical way in order that it seems clear to everyone why and where we are heading towards.


Our Mission

To muster-up the youth enhancing the social values through education and awareness, healthcare and humanitarian support.

Youth Movements inaugurated a new mobile school, ‘Youth School’ at Shyampur, Boroitola Railgate in November 2020. More than 150 students are being educated here. Let’s bring a smile on these little children’s faces together. Let’s change the world by breaking the barriers and helping these vulnerable children out. 

Youth School

Youth School is working to ensure primary education to the underprivileged children with love and care. Till date, we have over 150 kids in our school. These kids are – without any doubt – our nation’s asset, and this will be the most unfortunate occurrence if they get plunged into the darkness. With this school, we are trying to bring or bring back those children to the light of education. This is a place where love and compassion create an outstanding relationship between teachers and students.

Hashimukh Season-6

Putting a beautiful smile on the lovely faces of the poor and the street dwellers has always been the prime goal behind carrying out projects like Hashimukh.

Project Hashimukh- ‘We are working on bringing smiles to others’ faces for 6 years in a row’.

The project “Hashimukh” of youth movements, take initiative every year in the participation of providing iftar to the poor. Besides, we provide clothing items to the underprivileged children to celebrate Eid too.

Ushnotar Chhaya

Alor Moshal

Fol Utshob



As human beings, we have some basic rights which need to be fulfilled, and education is one of them. It’s the duty of each and every person to pursue education throughout his/her life. In other words, it’s a need of a human, to educate himself/herself for achieving a better goal in life. 

Khadija Tul Kubra

Content Writer, Youth Movements

While you are carrying out your Ramadan preparation starting from the food ending up with the Eid dress for the celebration of Eid, where many others do not have any plans as they do not have food on their tables. Once Ramadan is over you and I may not be hungry anymore since we do not need to keep fast where others like the poor starve the whole year.

Nusrat Jahan

Content Writer, Youth Movements

মূল্যবোধ! মূল্যেবোধ শব্দটির সাথে আমরা কম বেশি সবাই পরিচিত।মূল্যবোধ এমন একটি মানবিক গুণ যার কারণে আমরা একজন পরিপূর্ণ মানুষ হিসেবে ভালো -মন্দের বিচার বিবেচনা যথার্থ ভাবে করতে পারি।

যুগ যুগ থেকে মূল্যবোধ শিক্ষার প্রথা চলে আসছে। আমরা মানুষ সাধারণত সমাজ ও নানান জায়গা যেমনঃ পরিবার,শিক্ষা প্রতিষ্ঠান,বন্ধু- বান্ধব,দেশ-সমাজের নানান মাধ্যম থেকে মূল্যবোধের শিক্ষা নিয়ে থাকি।

Nowshin Rahman

Content Writer, Youth Movements

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