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Our Story

It all started as a small initiative to change the social crisis where the poor and rootless people are disable or deprived of basic needs. In 2015, with a handful number of people our beloved CEO and founder Akram Hossain initiated our first project “Hashimukh”. As it sounds, the sole purpose of this project was to put a beautiful smile on the lovely faces of the poor and the street dwellers by providing them food (Iftar items) during the month of Ramadan. Moreover, clothing items were also provided to the disadvantaged children to let them celebrate one of the biggest Muslim festivals Eid-ul-Fitar, and enjoy it equally. Eventually, this earnest approach was a great success for us and left us with many questions that how we can do more and reach more people who are looking for a hand of help. Along with these thoughts and two successful seasons of our project “Hashimukh”, after two years in 2017, our founder and CEO Akram Hossain officially formed our organization “Youth Movements”.

”. A journey with a big dream of some young people started which was leading to something bigger and better; from this dawning moment of “Youth Movements” we took our first step towards our goal. From the very beginning, our vision was that we foresee a Bangladesh where all people will conserve and practice social values. To execute this vision, our main mission was to muster-up the youth-enhancing social values through education and awareness, healthcare, and humanitarian support. Afterward, through these passing years, Youth Movements has evolved into a big non-profit organization with a number of 150+ volunteers and 7 successful projects. Among these 7 projects, four of these events (Youth School, Alor-Moshal, Mushti-Chal, Growth-Mindset) are held throughout the whole years. Other than that our seasonal projects Hashimukh, Ushnotar-Chhya, Fol-Utshob are enacted annually. We are growing day by day and we are getting bigger with all our volunteers and well-wishers. No journeys are effortless and no way is easy for people with dreams and ambitions. We have gone through hard times and faced a lot of obstacles. In the future, we will be too but we will always be moving forward for reaching our goal. No pain goes in vain, neither any effort…

Interview By: Binita Agarwal
Story Written By: Arshak Shajam Ashik

A story of our Founder

I remember my parents gave me BDT3000 on Eid-Ul-Fitr back in 2014 to buy new clothes. In Chand raat (Night before Eid Day), my cousins wanted to see my new clothes and I told them that if I showed them my new clothes, they would become old by tomorrow. But the truth was, I did not buy any new cloth for myself. On the day of Eid, I wore my old clothes and my parents asked me about where my new clothes were and why I did not buy any. I told them I had used that money to buy clothes for 3 underprivileged children who were unable to buy clothes for themselves. Everyone was a bit surprised by my action but my family really appreciated and supported my action.
Gradually, some friends joined me and we started buying and providing Eid clothes to the underprivileged community. You will be surprised to know that one year, we managed to provide 1000 children in Dhaka with Eid clothes. We usually raise funds every year during Ramadan and buy clothes with the raised money. When I was young, my happiness used to double, when I used to get new clothes for Eid and now when I see the happiness sparkling in these children’s eyes, I get the same amount of joy in it!
Just last year, it was raining cats and dogs on the day before Eid. Distributing dresses became a bit of a hassle because of the weather and we reached our destination pretty late as well. Arriving there, we did not see any children and with a heavy heart when we were on our way to leave, a child came and asked me, “Bhaiya, will you not give us dresses this time?” That’s when we realized that they were waiting for us all along. We wasted no time and started our distribution. But this year, we shifted our focus from providing clothes to providing food to the low and lower-middle-class families as most of these people have been suffering from food shortages during the pandemic.
I guess I always have this attitude in me of helping others. Being a scout in school, it was a rule for us to help one person every day. So, whenever we saw anyone needing help, my friends and I would go and try to provide support. This helped me become an aware individual in helping the people in need.

Our Mission

To muster-up the youth enhancing the social values through education and awareness, healthcare and humanitarian support.

Let’s work together to bring epoch-making change…


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