Fol Utshob


Fol Utshob

Fol Utshob (Fruit festival) is a temporary project of the Youth Movements organisation spreading a little bit of happiness among the poor and disadvantaged children. With the help of this project, we try to give the seasonal fruits to those children who cannot afford them. The main purpose of this project is to let these children not be deprived of the taste of the fruits. Also, these seasonal fruits are full of minerals and nutrients which can help in meeting the nutritional needs even for a little bit. In the last fruit festival, we successfully distributed a handsome amount of fruit among these children.

When you and I can think about seasonal juicy fruits normally, the unprivileged children think it as luxury. Since eating three meals in a day is unmanageable sometimes, how can these children aspire for mangoes, lychees, blackberries and so other juicy seasonal fruits? 

Here we “Youth Movements” came up with a full bowl to give the underprivileged children the essence of the sweet bowl of seasonal fruits. If we can say it even for once that “Everyone deserves the best” then don’t they deserve the minimum? 

We cherished the moment that we have been able to provide such fruit baskets to our beloved children who cannot afford those in usual time. With the arrangement of “Fol utshob” or fruit festivals, we got Human’s Heaven, Youth Power, Patuakhali, Help_Bangladesh, TPJS-Tarrunnar Protic Jubo Songo, Binnash Foundation and Green Life Society with us.

We have the aspiration to fulfill the desire of those underprivileged children’s eyes but the least we could do is move together to help them. We will be arranging such an initiative for basic nutrition and mental development of those children where it only requires 60tk per child. 

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