Eid Anondo

Eid Anondo

“Eid Anondo” is basically a part of “Hashimukh”, a project of Youth Movements having an aim to ensure the happiness of the poor during Eid. We believe everyone – doesn’t matter from which background they belong to: privileged or underprivileged – has the right to celebrate the biggest festival with equal opportunities, indeed. Eid Anondo is executed with the intent of having those children less fortunate in our society feel fortunate enough.
As part of it, those children are dyed with henna on their little hands by our volunteers on “Chand Raat” – the last day of Ramadan. This excites them more for the Eid day. Besides, we share food with the orphans and the people in the old age homes in a bid to bring a smile on their faces.
Thus, we try our best to diffuse the happiness and festive mood among everyone out there. We celebrate Eid with them and try to make their Eid celebration special, which, in fact, makes our Eid celebration special.

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