Since 2017

‘Youth Movements’, a non-profit organisation with a motto of ‘March for Humanity’, was found  back in December,2017 having an altruistic desire to promote the quality of being humane  towards the needy and unprivileged ones in our society. Since its birth, we’ve been working on  establishing social values in the rising generation of our country through developing their skills in  order that they can stand as a support system for those unprivileged people. We basically work on  education and awareness holding workshops and seminars regarding some crucial points such as  gender abuse, safe and unsafe touch, bullying. Besides, ensuring nutrition and donating blood are two of the major activities of ours.
Mushtichal is one of our projects through which we basically do to alleviate food shortages. Through  this project we give a bag to the people who want to help, so that they can give as much as they want,  rice or pulses. From that we tried to fulfill the hunger of homeless and helpless people.

In Bangladesh, hunger is such a problem that affects millions of people. Here, 40 percent of the nation is divided into three categories: famine, malnutrition and chronic starvation. Mushtichal is a project of Youth Movements that is executed with a sheer intention of breaking the back of the hunger issue in the country.
In this project, people who intend to help the poor are provided with a bag. Later, they hand back the bag to us filling that out with rice, pulse or with whatever they want.
What we actually try to do with the help of this project is making it easier for the hungry to find food and minimizing the problem as much as it is possible for us.

Alor Moshal is a permanent project of the Youth Movements organization working to diffuse the light of education within the poor and the disadvantaged children. We believe that every child deserves attention and care like a growing plant. But unfortunately, many projects of various organisations for the betterment of these unprivileged children were kept shut due to the outbreak of the Corona pandemic. Many of these projects are facing problems while reopening. Keeping all these in mind, we started our journey with 200 children of 5 schools by distributing necessary educational materials like books, notebooks, pens, pencils, erasers, sharpeners, bags, and so others. Our main purpose is to ensure basic education for every child.

Growth mindset is our another project with disadvantaged children to cultivate moral values in their  daily life by practicing in real life and educating them. The main purpose of this project was to teach  the children who are the future of our country that harnessing honest and righteous virtue can show  them how to lead a peaceful and prosperous life. For this, we teach the children about the basic  faculties of virtuous studies and practices along with the academic curriculum.

Fol Utshob (Fruit festival) is a temporary project of the Youth Movements organisation spreading a little bit of happiness among the poor and disadvantaged children. With the help of this project, we try to give the seasonal fruits to those children who cannot afford them. The main purpose of this project is to let these children not be deprived of the taste of the fruits. Also, these seasonal fruits are full of minerals and nutrients which can help in meeting the nutritional needs even for a little bit. In the last fruit festival, we successfully distributed a handsome amount of fruit among these children.

Project Hashimukh was started in 2015 before the official set up of our organisation. Basically, this  project is to help the children who are deprived of their basic rights. Accordingly, every year during  Eid-Ul-Fitr, food, and clothing items are distributed to bring smiles on the faces of those unprivileged  children. Putting a beautiful smile on the lovely faces of the poor and the street dwellers has always been the prime goal behind carrying out projects like Hashimukh. Just as the last seasons, we mainly focus on providing food and new dresses to them with a view to ensuring a happy Eid celebration for them. This time, we provide around 100 children with new clothing items and among 700 families with food items which was at least a 7-day package. Despite the fact that there was pandemic over the country, our indomitable volunteers never thought of backing away from the commitment; rather, we left no stone unturned to keep the promise of making the people smile.

“Eid Anondo” is basically a part of “Hashimukh”, a project of Youth Movements having an aim to ensure the happiness of the poor during Eid. We believe everyone – doesn’t matter from which background they belong to: privileged or underprivileged – has the right to celebrate the biggest festival with equal opportunities, indeed. Eid Anondo is executed with the intent of having those children less fortunate in our society feel fortunate enough.
As part of it, those children are dyed with henna on their little hands by our volunteers on “Chand Raat” – the last day of Ramadan. This excites them more for the Eid day. Besides, we share food with the orphans and the people in the old age homes in a bid to bring a smile on their faces.
Thus, we try our best to diffuse the happiness and festive mood among everyone out there. We celebrate Eid with them and try to make their Eid celebration special, which, in fact, makes our Eid celebration special.

Ushnotar chhaya is our yearly project for underprivileged people during every Winter season. The motive of this project is to provide vagrants staying on the footpaths or railway stations at night with warm clothing items and blankets during winter days.

There is no doubt that Eid-ul-Adha is one of the two biggest festive days for the Muslim community across the world. Certainly, this festival does not come aiming at any “one” specific group of people. Eid-Ul Adha comes with a substantial chunk of happiness for each and every person of the society.

However, not paying any heed to the actual purpose of the festival, some unprincipled people of our society deprive the poor of their rights and happiness. Although it has been suggested in Islam that the people unable to buy meat the whole year be given a portion of sacrificial animal, a group of amoral and unethical people dispossess the poor of their rights.

Also, both aged people and teenagers are found going from pillar to post stretching out their hands in bid to get just one or two pieces of meat for their family.

Bearing all this in mind, Youth Movements has come up with its initiative called Sharaka Qurbani that aims at helping those people who are deprived of the happiness of Eid-Ul-Adha that they deserve. In this project, they are helped get their part of meat. Our volunteers go and knock at the doors in order to collect the meat. We provide this to as many poor families as possible in person.Our indomitable volunteers work so hard on the holy day just to bring a sweet smile on the face of them.

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