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Youth School

When poverty hits among the low-income households, education becomes expensive for them. But how can we see the light of future generations by keeping them behind or excluding these glowing faces? Only school fees cannot resist these children to take the opportunity of education. So, keeping it in mind, here we are bringing “Youth School” to provide the light of one of the basic needs; that is, primary education among the underprivileged children.

Youth School is working to ensure primary education to the underprivileged children with love and care. Till date, we have over 150 kids in our school. These kids are – without any doubt – our nation’s asset, and this will be the most unfortunate occurrence if they get plunged into the darkness. With this school, we are trying to bring or bring back those children to the light of education.

This is a place where love and compassion create an outstanding relationship between teachers and students. Also, it helps its students awaken their curious minds with the help of the after-school programs such as visiting museums, playing games etc. Certainly, these programmes develope these little folks’ minds and are some of the effective ways for them to learn anything faster. In fact, Youth School leads the children to the way of fulfilling the craving that they have for learning and exploring new things and even going beyond that.

Let’s bring a smile on these little children’s faces together. Let’s change the world by breaking the barriers and helping these vulnerable children out.

You can be a part of our school. The more we unite the stronger we become. Let’s show them the sunshine of the world through education. Visit our page and donate us to the following link.

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