Sharaka Qurbani


Sharaka Qurbani

There is no doubt that Eid-ul-Adha is one of the two biggest festive days for the Muslim community across the world. Certainly, this festival does not come aiming at any “one” specific group of people. Eid-Ul Adha comes with a substantial chunk of happiness for each and every person of the society.


However, not paying any heed to the actual purpose of the festival, some unprincipled people of our society deprive the poor of their rights and happiness. Although it has been suggested in Islam that the people unable to buy meat the whole year be given a portion of sacrificial animal, a group of amoral and unethical people dispossess the poor of their rights.

Also, both aged people and teenagers are found going from pillar to post stretching out their hands in bid to get just one or two pieces of meat for their family.

Bearing all this in mind, Youth Movements has come up with its initiative called Sharaka Qurbani that aims at helping those people who are deprived of the happiness of Eid-Ul-Adha that they deserve. In this project, they are helped get their part of meat. Our volunteers go and knock at the doors in order to collect the meat. We provide this to  as many poor families as possible in person.Our indomitable volunteers work so hard on the holy day just to bring a sweet smile on the face of them.

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