While you are carrying out your Ramadan preparation starting from the food ending up with the Eid dress for the celebration of Eid, where many others do not have any plans as they do not have food on their tables. Once Ramadan is over you and I may not be hungry anymore since we do not need to keep fast where others like the poor starve the whole year. Hunger keeps them awake throughout the whole year the underprivileged people do not get sufficient nutrition.

The project “Hashimukh” of youth movements, take initiative every year in the participation of providing iftar to the poor, we provide clothes to the underprivileged children to celebrate Eid too. It’s our seasonal project in two major religious festivals and in the winter season. On Eid days we all have so many items of food on our table, we invite our guests, relatives, and friends. Do we ever think about the underprivileged children who may cry at home for a spoon of “shemai”(sweet dessert) or a fist of rice. As many are deprived of the flavor of the festivities due to low income or poverty. Keeping it in mind we serve minimum sweets so that they can take the taste of a chunk of the flavor of Eid with a little sweet gesture and a new dress. As they grow up, if they cannot get the festive feels; they are less likely to positively contribute to society. They will lose their ability to have a normal childhood. They are not capable of developing emotionally.

If each one donates a little eventually we have enough to help these children. We are working for them in an effort to bring smiles to their faces. While you won’t see this effort the minute you donate your money, you need to know that your efforts are working towards creating a good childhood of a nation to inhale a good gesture of happiness. Let’s part of our movements and donate us.