As human beings, we have some basic rights which need to be fulfilled, and education is one of them. It’s the duty of each and every person to pursue education throughout his/her life. In other words, it’s a need of a human, to educate himself/herself for achieving a better goal in life. There’s no boundary of time, age, gender, class, or anything else in the way of learning. But still, nowadays, some situations force a kind of people to restrain themselves from tasting the sweetness of education. They remain blind for lifetime as they never had the chance to observe the light of education, which is an unbelievable thought for a normal person. But to the poor, and unprivileged people, food, clothing items, and shelter are more than education. Even to them, education is a kind of luxury, whereas they spend their whole life to make their ends meet. This problem needs to be removed as soon as possible and we, the “Youth School” team, are taking steps in order to utilize the brains of those unprivileged children.
Though Bangladesh has a very high passing rate in every board exam, few students continue their studies for the rest of their lives. Many students, mostly those who are unprivileged, drop out from school at a very early age, due to their poor conditions and lack of sincerity. A report of BBC shows that, despite the enrolment rate being 100%, 41% female students and 33% male students drop out at the secondary level. Another recent survey of UNICEF shows that not more than 46% of 95% pass the primary school level and the net enrolment at secondary school level is only 50%. And this dropout rate gets higher in eighth grade where 14.6% of students, both boys, and girls, leave school. All these numbers show that at an early age girls and boys are admitted into school, but after finishing their primary level they are dropped out and get involved in working professions to support their poor family.

But why does this happen? Is it only because of their situation? Or does the uninteresting education system also make them discontinue their study? Or is it both?
Here we bring “Youth School”, which is working for the sake of those unprivileged children who are deprived of the light of education at a very early age due to different situations. Our main goal is to provide one of the basic needs of human beings to those children who are not capable of giving money for learning. Till now we are providing free education to more than 150 kids in our school. We teach them with love and build a friendly relationship with them so that they never hesitate to communicate with people. Moreover, we educate them free of cost and also provide them with the necessary things which are needed in the education sector like notebooks, pens, pencils, colours, etc. So that the main reason which kept behind them from enjoying the process of learning can be eradicated. Furthermore, we ensure that the process of educating doesn’t become a burden to them. So we include different activities like games, tours to historical and educational places, which helps them to build curiosity and craving for knowledge inside themselves. And as they learn in a curious way it helps them to not only receive the knowledge but also use it in their practical life, which is the main target of our school.

But the most challenging task for us is to convince those children’s parents to send them to pursue their studies. Some parents have hopes with their children, that one day their child will get success in their life, but the number of this type of parents is very low. Others just don’t even care what their child is doing. We try to convince them by showing that our school will support them financially, will teach their child without taking any fees, and besides we’ll provide them with basic necessaries and other things like foods, clothes in festivals and so on. We also make them aware of the bright side of education, what would happen if they give their child proper learning. Because we not only educate the children, also spread awareness among adults.
Education is a power that provides both success and a better future for human beings. And we, “Youth School”, want to spread the happiness and power of learning among those unprivileged children. We know children are the assets of a nation. If half of the children remain uneducated, what will happen to this nation? That’s why we want to educate them in the best possible way so that they are able to use it in their future life. And that’s what we’re seeking for, to make those children from unprivileged to assets.